To Ensure Success.

Our Services.

The tax consultants of our law offices will provide you with support and assistance in matters relating to Italian and international tax laws, Italian and international accounting and balance sheet rules, in operative questions relating to how to design and maintain your bookkeeping, and related services.
Our consulting service focuses on the following activities:

  • Ongoing consulting on matters relating to direct and indirect taxes
  • Determining financing options and support for investment decisions in the areas of real estate and renewable energies
  • Support in the context of tax-related legal proceedings, through all courts
  • Consulting on aspects of company successors
  • Elaboration and transmission of legally required tax statements
  • Comprehensive support and consulting in founding branch offices of foreign companies in Italy and of Italian companies in German-speaking countries
  • Support in founding partnerships and stock companies, setting up individual companies or freelance associations
  • Consulting for carrying out extraordinary company operations, e.g., mergers, non-cash capital contributions, converting company forms, etc.
  • Comprehensive support in the acquisition or divestment of equity in companies
  • Support in restructuring companies, restructuring financing, or declaring bankruptcy
  • Support in preparing and publishing individual and consolidated annual reports
  • Preparing special and multi-year financial reports
  • Maintaining and auditing bookkeeping
  • Establishing legal domiciles and related services

Your Added-Value.

A consultancy firm that concentrates on all aspects of the case – without neglecting the details. With concepts including comprehensive, future-oriented solutions.
You'll get a portfolio of practical services reflecting your individual situation. We elaborate implementable solutions to protect and support strong companies.
Continuous personal dialog between you and the member of our law office in charge of your case! This exchange of information generates trust and promotes understanding. The resultant partnership will benefit your case and help us develop a better approach to your sector, your company, and you as an individual.


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